Lisa X is a brand-new compact SLS 3D printer developed by Sinterit.


"Sinterit has updated its famous Sinterit Lisa printer and released the next model, the Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro.

About the printer


Sinterit Lisa

Overview of the updated 3D printer Sinterit Lisa and the new Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

Characteristics of the updated Sinterit Lisa


  • The total size of the chamber, mm: 150x200x150;
  • Max. part size, for PA 12: 90x(110)120x130;
  • Max. part size, for Flexa Black: 110x(130)160x150; (the size in brackets is the size in the previous version, before the update);
  • Layer thickness, mm: 0.075-0.175;
  • External dimensions of the printer, mm: 620x400x660;
  • Weight, kg: 41;
  • Power, V: 100-130 / 220-240;
  • Diode laser, IR. Power, Watt: 5;
  • Files for printing: STL, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE, 3MF;
  • Connection: Wi-Fi;
  • Control: 4" (10 cm) touch screen;
  • Temperature in camera, up to, °C: 190
  • Additional features: built-in camera to monitor the printing process.

What's new in the Sinterit Lisa

1. Increased printing area for the Y axis.

2. Improved management of temperature, heating platform and print chamber.

In the picture below: on the left - steel provides better insulation, simplifies maintenance and, thanks to better protection, extends the life of the seals; on the right - notches (in the previous version there were small holes) allow pyrometers to determine the temperature more accurately.

3. Increased reliability.

Left: laser-protecting glass in a sealed frame, easy to mount and replace for maintenance. Right: The new locking system reduces heat loss.

4. Simplified maintenance.

Easier access to the heating elements. Laser protection glass can be replaced without tools.

Left: The redesigned front panel makes it easy to clean under the build area and assemble the printer in transit. 3D printed latches make assembly quick and intuitive. Right: A gap to swipe away overflowed polymer makes cleanup easy.

5. External improvements.

New lock and hinges for safer use

On/off button on the side - more convenient.

More accessible power plug.

Screw-on feet with rubber bands - against accidental movements.

Review of the updated 3D-printer Sinterit Lisa and the new Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

In addition to this, also increased by 10% capacity overflow tray.

Overview of the updated 3D printer Sinterit Lisa and the new Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

General description

Sinterit Lisa is a 3D printer from the Polish company Sinterit, which prints volume parts using the SLS technology. This means that objects are formed in layers, by sintering polymer powder with a laser beam.

Since support is the very surrounding model of the powder forming, any special supports and bridges between the elements of the printed parts do not have to.

Thanks to this, the shape of the parts can be anything, including parts one inside another and movable joints, and their number in the working chamber of the printer is limited only by the size of the chamber.

Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

Characteristics of the Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

The printer is being finalized by the manufacturer, the specifications are subject to change at the time of release.

Minimum wall thickness, mm: 0,4

Minimal hole size, mm: 0,5

Detail size, mm: 0.1


The accuracy of XY, mm: 0,05

Layer thickness, mm: 0.075 - 0.175

Construction area, mm: 150 x 200 x 260

The size of the part along the diagonal, mm, to: 316

The size of the print on the axes:

- When Flexa printing, mm, up to: 110 x 160 x 250

- When printing PA, mm, up to: 90 x 120 x 230

Overview of the updated 3D-printer Sinterit Lisa and the new Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro

The strength of the parts, up to, MPa: 41

Saving material

The sifter saves up to 70% of the powder left in the chamber after printing. The printer can use the sieved powder mixed with new powder in a proportion of up to 50%, with the same print quality. If the proportion of reused material is exceeded, the quality of the surfaces may decrease.

The powder sifter, sandblaster and 6 kg powder containers are available separately and can be ordered together with the printer.


PA materials are based on polyamide, of which nylon is a special case. Flexa materials are based on thermoplastic polyurethane.

PA 11: The most common polymer for SLS, it has a small particle size which results in a smoother surface.

PA 12: extra strong polyamide, able to withstand loads up to 41 Megapascal and 13% elongation to rupture.

Flexa: A material of great softness and elasticity. Read below for an interesting example of its application.

Powder particle size, nanometers:

- PA11: 15-76, medium to 40

- PA12 Smooth: 20-100, medium 38

- Flexa Black and Flexa Grey: 20-105


An interesting example of SLS 3D printing is Bambshell's creation of the "Afrocentric Beauty" swimsuit collection for Miss South Africa contestants.

The owner of the company, Melinda Bam, who won the contest in 2011 and then joined the ten finalists of Miss Universe, thus decided to please her followers and at the same time to promote her brand of swimwear.

Each 3D print, located on the swimwear collection reflects the influence of both traditional, ethnic and tribal, as well as modern motifs.

Three-dimensional elements are gracefully integrated into the contours of the swimwear.


The flowers printed by Sinterit Lisa with SLS technology from Flexa Black material, based on thermoplastic polyurethane, are soft and comfortable to wear, have a smooth surface and do not cause irritation.

These are the properties for which this material was chosen.

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